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phase6 is vocabulary training application that uses spaced repetition in order to assist students in enriching their lexicon and locking vocabulary into their long-term memory. Users are able to fill their virtual library either manually or by choosing from a variety of digital content files in the inApp Store. The content is perfectly prepared to match the official German school course books and could also include images and audio files, recorded by native speakers. This is enabled through extensive collaboration with almost every publisher of German school course books (Cornelsen, Diesterweg, Klett, ...).

phase6 has converted a proven methodology of flashcards to a digital tool, using specific practice intervals. The system will provide learning reinforcement at exactly the moment when it has maximum benefit.
The app presents a lexical item in the user’s mother tongue which has to be answered accordingly in the language the user is mastering. The system lets users decide whether their answer was right or wrong, thus increasing the students’ involvement in the learning process and enhancing their productivity. Based on the user’s choice, the practiced vocabulary item moves one phase up or down.
In addition to what phase6 currently offers, it is aimed to be enriched by didactically valuable and meaningful gamification elements in the course of the study. Gamification describes the usage of game-like-mechanisms and concepts in a non-game context with the aim to increase user engagement. To achieve this goal, a general reporting layer is to be implemented in order to record every single user interaction with the content. The raw report data is accessible, so a comprehensive diagnostics system can be created on top.