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The PEP High Five Pre-school Illustrated Chinese for Kids is a product created
collaboratively by the People’s Education Press (PEP), Chinese language experts,and pre-school educators in Canada and China. it is a series of bilingual books that targetspre-school Chinese language learners aged 2 to 6 and whose native language is English. It may also be used by children in China who are learning English as a secondlanguage.
It has many positive features that enhance learning. Some of these features are:
● Exciting and engaging reading material that covers all of the learning objectives;
● Interactive and fun children worksheets and activities;
● Content that allows children to work at their own pace and according to their
own individual language ability;
● Colorful and inspiring artwork that aids in the students’ reading comprehension.
The book theme:Identify Parts of Human Body
Based on iPad, provides friendly user interface for learning and practicing your Chinese, such as:
- Audio Play: just click the icon of 'speaker' embeded in page, it can play audio of corresponding passage.
- Record/Play: with the menu showing, you can record your own voice by click the icon of "record", and then click icon of play to listen.
-quick navigation: By double-clicking the screen children will see the thumbnail on the bottom of the screen and pressing the thumbnail children can see the page they want to read.