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Korean Syllable Intermediate

iPhone / iPad
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'Korean Alphabet Syllable Intermediate' is a program to learn Korean alphabet syllable. Especially, for learning 'final consonant - 받침(batchim)'

Syllable is very important at the Korean language because Korean characters represent phonetic symbol itself.

Korean Alphabet Syllable Intermediate has four learning mode:

1. Syllable Board 1, Syllable Board 2
2. Auto play mode
3. Flashcard mode
4. Quiz mode

In the Syllable Board, You can see many syllable patterns and you can hear the pronounce of the syllable by tap each syllable.
And auto play is available too.

In the Auto play mode, You can watch Korean alphabet syllable show.
Even when you do something, You can listen to the Korean alphabet syllables.

In the Flashcard mode, You can interact with Korean alphabet syllable flashcard.

In the Quiz mode, You can play with Korean alphabet syllable quiz game.

* Noise-free high-quality voice can be hear.

If you want another level Korean learning app, please search 'Vegansoft Korean' in the app store.


이 앱은 한국어 중 특히 받침이 있는 글자를 공부하기 위한 앱입니다.

음절 보드, 플래시 카드, 퀴즈 등을 통해서 한글 낱 글자(음절)을 학습 할 수 있습니다.

다른 레벨의 한글 학습을 원하시면 앱스토어에서 'vegansoft Korean'을 검색하시면 다른 앱을 이용하실 수 있습니다.