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“Astropro” is an all in one app for Vedic Almanac, calendar of festivals, horoscope casting with analysis, and also to determine muhurtha for auspicious events. Users can set any major cities around the world enlisted for different time zones or edit the location data if necessary to make it more specific and work with different key menu categories as discussed below.

Home screen:
This provides current calendar date with Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moon-set, day’s star and tithi with its transition time, lunar month, and year followed by any major festival events for the given city of choice. Users can navigate through days and months for the current year that gives corresponding Vedic almanac details as well as charts for planetary positions.

This section gives the almanac details for given month and year that enables the user to quickly glance through the list of important festivals, days for rituals etc. in order to plan personal calendar of activities. This Vedic calendar is further supplemented with ephemeris data and table is provided in a separate section.

By default, it gives the traditional chart with zodiacal details in terms of its longitude and position with respect to different constellations for the date selected on the home screen. Therefore one can navigate the home screen to set any day in the current year to obtain the day’s chart. Chart type button is provided in the toolbar to quickly switch between chart formats from south Indian to north Indian style as shown in the screen shots.

In addition, one can also cast individual horoscope based on place and time. Upon casting, a five page scrolled output provides additional details on major astrological analysis listed below.

1. Zodiacal details
2. Vimshottari Dasha analysis
3. Anthar and Pratyantar Dasha analysis (In Dasha+ separate section)
4. Sapthavarga/Dashavarga analysis
5. Bhavavarga analysis and key yogas (Basis for predictive astrology)
6. Ashtakavarga analysis
7. Ashtakavarga Summary

This saves from the treachery involved in exhaustive computational skills required to perform these tasks and make it readily available for quick interpretation by any professional. Color-coding is done to highlight certain points of interest and also let you save your chart for quick access as and when required. App scans for twelve key yogas and displays that is present in a Bhava chart. A short description of twelve yoga is also given for reference.
App allows you to save as many chart data in a file and once loaded you can navigate and select a specific chart for display. You can also delete charts that are no longer needed.

This is covered under major four categories i.e., General purpose, Precise, Marriage and Upanayana. App generates calendar of for the given year and month with almanac details. In general-purpose category, harmonious days are listed with its suitability with respect to an individual birth star and given in the remarks column. App notes has details on election criteria applied for both Marriage and Upanayana since there can be different versions possible with exceptions. This should help users to understand the difference between their respective local traditions and rules applied in this app.

In addition, this section also provides a menu for matrimonial for matching stars that gives points scored under individual category with overall compatibility in percentages.

Help file provides Vedic almanac glossary with brief writings on various keywords, terminology and computational logic used in this app. It is quite educational and one can quickly comprehend its significance as well. A Dasha calculator is also provided to assists in computation of different Anthar and Pratyantar Dasha in any given Mahadasha.

This app is constantly updated with added features time to time. All future updates are made available at no extra cost. Please refer to our web site for more info and screen shots.