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Time on Ice Tracker

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This iPad App was developed in cooperation with the ERC Ingolstadt. Our goal was to create an easy to use iPad App for tracking the real important statistics of your team (e.g. time on ice of each player in the different game situations, goals and scoring chances including scorer, assists and plus/minus of both goals and chances). Everything which can be done automatically is done automatically. The App offers an extensive reporting tool including PDF export of all statistical data.

Easy to use
- Simply drag & drop your players into the various line-ups
5 on 5, 4 on 4, 3 on 3, PP 5 on 4, PP 5 on 3, PP 4 on 3, SH 4 on 5, SH 3 on 5, SH 3 on 4, Penaltyshots
- Each offensive and defensive line can be selected by just one finger tip
- Players in the same position (e.g. Centers) can be changed by just one finger tip on the incoming player
- Big buttons for all players, starting/stopping the clock, home goal, away goal, home chance, away chance
- The app checks that you always have the right number of players on ice depending on the current game situation

Trackable statistics
- Time on ice of each player in different game situations
- Team goals with scorer, assists and plus (auto set)
- Opponent goals with mistakes of your players and minus (auto set)
- Team chances with shooter, assists and plus (auto set)
- Opponent chances with mistakes of your players and minus (auto set)

- Games filterable by season, playoff and test games
- Sortable game, period and overtime reports with total and average values
- Columns: GP, G, A, P, +, -, +/-, SC, SCA, SC +, SC -, SC +/-, Mistakes total, Mistakes G, Mistakes SC, PS scored, PS missed, Time on ice total, Time on ice 5-5, Time on ice 4-4, Time on ice PP, Time on ice SH
- Summaries: Last game, last 2 games, last 3 games, last 5 games, last 10 games, last 25 games, won games, lost games and all games
- Player reports (select the players you want to have)
- Game reports (select the games you want to have)
- PDF export with print and email function