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Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game

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*****Please support Tinman Learning (a one man operation) by purchasing Times Tables Warp $1.99. Multiplication facts start in 3rd grade.
Arithmemouse Addition & Subtraction is a great math practice app for improving addition & subtraction skills for a wide variety of ages.
*****"My students love this game and are getting faster than me at adding and subtracting."-- Agatha Trumble

The Arithmemouse Addition & Subtraction Game improves accuracy and speed with random timed easy, medium, and advanced addition and subtraction questions wrapped in an exciting 3D game.

Learning comes before arcade skills. Absent are life meters or punishment for failure. The "blasting asteroids" arcade element is only for fun. Children can ignore the asteroids or destroy them; either way, it does not affect learning/scoring.

This is a game suitable for a wide variety of ages. Sure there are questions like 8+2=?, but also much more challenging questions. Quickly, what is 73-27? Okay how about 97+25? These are the sort of questions you can find in this game on the hardest level.

During questions, players can slow down a good bit, but not stop altogether thus creating a timed element. This is important as children often take timed tests at school as part of standardized testing.

Subtraction and addition methods can be complex, so parents be prepared to help go through the tutorials. The key is to encourage your child's small first steps-- no matter how small they are. Rome was not built in a day, and so it may take some time to grasp these concepts (weeks/months/years) .

Teachers/Parents, I know that there are other methods (particularly for subtraction), but these are the ones that most parents will know (can help with), and children are asked within the game to keep an open mind as other methods exist. This game cost thousands to develop; costs very little; so, please be kind in your reviews/critique. Negative reviews hurt edutainment developers who could be making zombie games or some such.

Please write for feedback. I read all letters. Thank you.

Try Times Tables Warp as well (link on this page).