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AbacusPro is the ultimate retro calculator for the iPad!  This is the best selection of abacuses available in one iPad app. AbacusPro is a great addition to your collection of educational, utility or novelty apps. Visit my website to see a video presentation.

Four different abacuses are included-
* the modern Japanese soroban
* the traditional Chinese suanpan
* the next generation Chinese suanpan
* the rare and distinctive Lee Kai-chen ‘Improved’ abacus

The soroban is my flagship abacus with visual features to aid the novice or casual user. Choose between a 15 digit numeric display or individual number boxes. Set the desired decimal point location for calculations requiring decimal math. Great for classroom instructional use.

The Lee Kai-chen abacus is made up of two 9 rod sorobans above a 13 rod suanpan. The suanpan includes a moveable vernier with decimal point and ‘thousands’ commas. A proficient user can do complex calculations with this amazing device.

AbacusPro includes optional numeric displays and reset buttons for clearing the beads to zero. A short swipe at the reckoning bar will also clear the beads.

While AbacusPro will not instruct in the use of this timeless calculator, it is an invaluable instructional tool. I provide several web and YouTube links of interest. With practice you can become proficient at math and mental calculations.

Make great use of this ancient wonder on your high tech device.