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Vamana Guntalu

iPhone / iPad
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Pallanguzhi / Pallangulli / Vamana Guntalu / Vonaguntalu / Pallanghuzi / Mancala Played traditionally with tamarind seeds on a wooden board. Develops logic, hand-eye coordination, concentration.

The Vonaguntalu or Vamana Guntalu board has 14 cups, each player controlling one row of seven cups. Each cup initially has five tamarind seeds.

Initial Position (five seeds)

When his turn comes, the player lifts the seeds from any of the seven cups that he controls and distributes them into the cups that follow, one seed per cup. This is done by tapping the cup that he chooses.

After the player has placed the last of the seeds he had initially picked, he picks the seeds from the next cup and starts distributing them in a similar manner.

If the cup in which the last seed is placed is followed by an empty cup, the seeds in the next cup are removed and are considered as seeds gained by the player. At this stage the player's turn is over.

If the cup in which the last seed is placed is followed by two empty cups the player's turn is over without any gain in the number of seeds.

At any stage during the game if a cup has four seeds, the seeds are removed from the cup and are gained by the player who controls the cup.

After the first round the players take the seeds that they gained and fill as many cups as possible placing five seeds in each cup. The winner of the first round has a surplus of seeds after filling all his cups. These extra seeds are placed in the store and are added to the seeds gained by him in the second round. The loser will be unable to fill all his cups. The unfilled cups are marked as "seized" cups. In the subsequent rounds, if a player has gained enough seeds he can reclaim the "seized" cups and fill them with the gained seeds.

The game is over when a player has less than five seeds in the beginning of a round.

Free version consists of only one round.