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Look in My Eyes: Steam Train 2

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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✩FizzBrain's "Look in My Eyes" series featured on CBS's "60 Minutes" October 23, 2011!✩ "Fantastic ★★★★★ My son loves playing this game as it is all about his number one interest, trains. It means that he is motivated to play the game and improve his eye contact skills. What an ingenious concept FizzBrain have here. Well done!" - From parent review of Look in My Eyes: Steam Train (Australia)

Do you have a young train lover who needs practice with eye contact? Look in My Eyes: Steam Train 2 allows young learners to practice eye contact while earning rides as the engineers of their own steam trains! In this version of the game, children travel to the famous sites in Europe, learning to recognize the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Acropolis, the Colosseum of Rome, and others. When children make their delivery to these landmark locations, they also have a chance to learn fun facts, to hear the national anthems and see the flags of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, and Britain. A fun way to be exposed to core cultural knowledge!

This is not a competitive game, there are no points to win or lose. Instead, it is an engaging virtual world to play in and explore! Young engineers can play with their train from a distance, adjusting signal flags, lights, whistles, and bells. Or they can go inside the engine room to control the throttle and brakes. Young engineers can go back to the tender in order to fill up with coal and water. Then they can turn to the front and shovel coal into the firebox, adjust their steam pressure and water level, try different real train whistles, and shoo cows off the tracks!

A noncompetitive and highly engaging activity to entertain a budding train engineer!

NOTE: Includes extensive animation which may perform very slowly on older phones or older iPod touch devices. (All iPads will perform just fine.)

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This game is part of FizzBrain's "Look in My Eyes" series….. Reviews for FizzBrain apps:

"My 5-year-old autistic son loves playing with my I-Phone and I've downloaded many different games for him. As soon as I downloaded Look In My Eyes it became a new favorite. He loves playing it. His eye contact is definitely improving. I'm not sure if I can give sole credit for that to this game, but the game sure doesn't hurt! Great game!"

"My 7 year old really enjoyed this app. At first he resisted making eye contact but eventually turned his head and was so excited when he would get the answers correct. Not only does this game help with eye contact but with number recognition which is a struggle for my little guy. Thank you FizzBrain and please keep up the great work!"

"My son has autism and I have tried many other games for him to play on my iPhone. Some hold his interest for a short while, but many do not. This game is definitely one that did from the start!"

"Thank you once again FizzBrain, for creating another great tool to help teach eye contact! My son loves this game even more than the garage/car version (which is saying something!). I highly recommend this to everyone out there looking to help their autistic child!"