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* New feeling puzzle BELL (the FREE version) *
* *FREE version limit **
With the FREE version, it can play only up to 20 stages.
Please consider the purchase of a release version to play more 40 stages.

BELL is the puzzle of moving a ball and passing on the goal.
This puzzle lets a ball pass in numerical order on a goal panel.
It is a simple puzzle.
However, this game is more difficult than you considered.
Probably, this game will be certain to delight you for a long time.

This game was considered when I was a college student, and it was enjoyed among my friends at the personal computer.
When I thought that I would like to make some iPhone application, I thought that it is interesting to transport this game.
The field which the friend made in college days are included in this game.
First time, this game had only 20 stages.

Before I started making this application, I did try to solve all the stages, but it was very difficult now.
The field which can be enjoyed easily is added at in release, since it is too difficult.
Added six practice stage. And this game has 60 stages now.

* With the FREE version, it can play only up to 20 stages.

* How to play
- BELL is a hero's character. You operate this.
- You can make a target mark appear at tapped place ,then BELL walks automatically there.
(Since the shortest route algorithm is used exactly, if it is a place which BELL can go, wherever it may carry out the tap of, it moves automatically.)
- If BELL uses a magic to a ball, that ball will move linearly.
And a ball curves at corner.
"curve" is a point of this game.
- It is success, when a ball passes "the goal panel which marked four arrows" in numerical order.
Of course, It is a mistake when it is not numerical order.
- Ice is also in a stage.
This can be pushed and moved.
It is made an corner. or it is made the ball stopper.

The ball which passed along the goal panel also remains on a stage.
The ball which remained in this stage becomes obstructive.
There are many stages which are not solved unless it uses this remaining ball well.

At The some difficult stage, I had needed 2 or 3 days for solving.
So that you can enjoy yourself if possible. The more easy field was added.

Please enjoy the world of BELL.

* I used the sound source of On-jin ( for this game in part.