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Pair Of 3 LITE

iPhone / iPad
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Pair Of 3 LITE, by JRJA Software Solutions, is the LITE version of 'Pair Of 3'. 'Pair Of 3' is a very intellectual game that tests your ability to distinguish between cards that vary on key parameters like 1. number 2. shape 3. filling and 4. color. Excellent app for the brain development in young minds and also for people with high IQ. It's just priced at $0.99. The FULL version has 81 cards and is more challenging.

'Pair Of 3 LITE' is an effort to let you understand the basic rules of the game and is very simple compared to the FULL version.This LITE version has 27 cards with each card varying in parameters: 1. Color- blue, orange, pink 2. Shape - Heart, Spade, Clover 3. Filling - Round, Square, full. For better understanding and to keep the app basic, all the 27 cards in this LITE version agree with the 'number' parameter of 1 . The full version however has 81 cards with cards varying on 'number' parameter also (1 or 2 or 3).

A valid 'Pair Of 3' cards would consist of 3 cards in which all agree on a parameter OR all do not agree on a parameter. BUT, 2 CARDS FOLLOWING THE RULE AND 1 NOT FOLLOWING THE RULE IS NOT A PAIR. The 'Example' tab gives you examples of 'valid' and 'invalid' 'Pair Of 3' cards for better understanding. If you cannot find a 'Pair Of 3' from the 12 cards that are laid out, then you can click on '3 More!'. Once a pair is found after using '3 More!', additional cards don't get added to the screen until you click on '3 More!' again. If you take more than 30 minutes to pick the 3 cards, then you lose the game. Each time you pick a wrong 'Pair Of 3' cards, you lose a life. If you lose 10 lives in this manner, you will lose the game and you can try a new game again. Each time you pick a valid 'Pair Of 3' cards, you get 100 points and the 3 cards get drawn from the deck and will be placed faced up on the screen. The deck is now depleted of 3 cards. When the deck is depleted of all cards, you get 1000 points. You win the game when the deck count is zero and there are 9 cards on the screen face up.

This app being universal runs on
1. iphone (iOS 4.0 to iOS 5.1)
2. iPad (iOS 4.0 to iOS 5.1)

This app supports landscape orientation
1. Landscape Left
2. Landscape Right

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