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Finally, a flexible puzzle maker for the iPad made for children as well as adults. Select from 8 to 280 puzzle pieces and add a colorful border to define the edge pieces. Use an existing photo or take a new photo with the built-in camera. Loose puzzle pieces slide across the bottom of the screen to find that one particular piece. Move a puzzle piece into position and it locks in place. If you need a break, exit the app and the clock stops. Start the app up again and the puzzle and timer are where you left it! A badge on the app icon shows how many unplaced pieces remain.

PuzzleMateHD displays the completed puzzle as a background image. You control how visible the background is and how much it guides placing the pieces. Touch a missing piece and the completed puzzle background lights up - just like having the cover to the puzzle box.

Features include:
- 8 to 280 puzzle pieces
- use photo from photo album or built-in camera
- highlight edge pieces with a colorful border
- display the number of remaining pieces to place
- enable and display a timer clock
- exit the app and take a break without loosing anything
- completed puzzle acts as a background to guide