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Memo by FunInput (To-do + Reminder)

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Top 1 Productivity in China! Top 20 in the World “Recommended” and “New hots” in many countries!
Simplify your life and get all things done on time by using Memo by FunInput, the easiest-to-use to-do app on iOS.

Memo by FunInput enables you to mark down the following things in a quick and easy way:
- Flashing inspiration
- Tel. no and email addr.
- Shopping list
- Key-points for a coming speech
- Must-do today
- Voice record (e.g., key conversation, to-do, etc.)

More with Memo Pro by FunInput:
1. Password protection
2.Compatible with google calendar, enabling you to upload the selected local memo to calendar and vice versa
3. Trash can for deleted memos and batch export.
4. No Ads

Customer reviews:

" 很棒 - 上架当天下载来实用,之后完全爱上了。使用非常流畅,而且便笺最多的字数完全满足需求。但是显示的颜色虽然 很多,效果却没有clear的渐变色好,不够鲜艳,只是还算好看。右划两下彻底删除的设计很好,防止误操作 ,语音的想法也很好,可以看出确实经过精心设计。我一直想要个类似的软件,能快速开启,作些备忘。本来觉得 免费的15条的限制完全够用,到后来却一发不可收拾,做的备忘太大,只能升级,支持开发商,望进步,将显示 效果再提高一点。还有想要通用版, 可以在不同设备间同步。其实我最高兴的是这个软件真的很简洁, 没有把fit的输入法做进去, 相信不少人跟我一样还是习惯用自带的输入法的。"

"I wanted a nice, simple note app without all the complicated pictures, drawings, graphics and doodads. There are TOO many notes apps out there filled with confusing interfaces! So that's why I like this app. It starts up right away. Quickly touch the "+" to create a colorful new note. Start typing. Done. Love it! Better still, this app takes voice memos! All you do is turn your phone upside down and it instantly starts recording. Wow!!!! I am impressed. No complicated screens, no touching a million options to get to a screen. Nice and simple. If you need to take quick notes or memos on the fly, this is the app."

Organize your life with FIT memo just by writing a few words or recording a few sentences ~ Go and get it~

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