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Tiny Chicken Learns Rounding Numbers

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★ Join Tiny Chicken in His Latest Math Adventure! ★

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Tiny Chicken needs to open a vault to remove some documents but it is protected by a secret combination which can only be unlocked if he knows how to round numbers correctly. Clues are given at each level and Tiny needs to use these clues to determine the combination of the safe to get it open in this super exciting game.

The game uses interesting mechanics to help children practice rounding numbers to the tenth, hundredth, thousandth and ten-thousandth places.
An exciting gameplay with great sound and art will keep children engaged for a long time.

The app not only teaches children how to round up numbers but also helps understand some more basic problems such as the place value of a digit in a number. Enjoy the concepts that are critical to building your understanding of mathematics without getting bogged down by building visual tools to do the same thing.

With infinite practice problems to solve our young learners can definitely polish their "Rounding" skills.

✔ Infinite problems to solve.
✔ Great sound and artwork makes the game engaging.

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