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There is a small village Chhapaiya near Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh State on the holy soil of Bharat(India).
On 9th day of bright half of Chaitra in Samvat year 1837 (3rd April 1781 AD) Purnabrahma Purshottam, Almighty Supreme God, the Lord of Akshardham manifested Himself in a holy Brahmin family of father Dharmadev and mother Bhaktidevi assuming the form of human infancy. Lord Shri Swaminarayan out of sheer compassion descended on this earth to establish Ekantic Dharma (whole devotion of the Lord), to propogate the mode of worship of His Supremacy, to grant the ultimate redemption to countless souls and to make His followers happy in all respects.
He in his childhood showed divine exploits to his parents, relatives, friends and made them very happy. He killed demon Kalidutta. At the age of eight years He was invested with the sacred thread and He made studies of all Shastras (Hindu scriptures) in young age. At an early age of ten years, He established the eternal five evolutes Tattavas viz. – Soul, God, Maya (Illusion), Brahma and Parabrahma in the assembly of great Pandits (learned persons) at Kashi. He revealed this true identity to His parents and sent them to Akshardham by giving the bliss of His image. But now Lord Ghanshyam was very eager to achieve His real purpose for which He incarnated on this earth. So he renounced his house for ever on 10th day of the first half of Asadh in Samvat 1849 (26/09/1791).