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Baby Melody—Enjoy

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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Designed and made professionally for your 0~2 years old baby. Relaxation music for the mother-to-be and the infant as well as anyone who is looking for soft music to listen and relax! “Baby Melody—Enjoy” helps babies to concentrate and stay focus.The condition of the mother greatly affects the unborn child and the infant. Soft and moderate-paced music calms down the mother-to-be, and when the mother’s psychological state is peaceful and harmonious, her neural and hormone systems will stay undisturbed, thus securing the proper development of the fetus.An emotionally stable woman will provide her baby with an environment that is pleasant and free from stress. The baby will then have a better chance to develop a sound personality and a healthy body. In addition, babies tend to stop crying when they hear the music that they had heard in their mother’s wombs, because babies recognize the sounds they heard while still in the womb. The ears of the unborn child are already developed after the fifth month of pregnancy, and that the sense of hearing is the first sense the embryo develops. The fetus can hear the sounds of mother’s heartbeats, breathing, voice as well as environmental sounds. It is evident that soft music can have a long-lasting positive impact for babies in which they are less prone to sickness and sleep better at nights.

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