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Reps & Sets - gym logging

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Health & Fitness
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Easy logging. Powerful tracking.

Designed exclusively for iOS. Saves information to the Health app. Backup to iCloud Drive. Optimized for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Retina HD displays.

CREATE WORKOUT TO-DO LISTS - A better way to log your workouts.

Pre-program your regular workouts and then simply check off each set as you go. No need to keep entering reps and weights. It's so simple, you'll wonder why all fitness apps don't work this way.

PERFECT TIMING - Tells you what to do and when to do it.

Create programs with timed rests and exercises, and let Reps & Sets keep track of the counting – automatically. Plus get notifications of what exercise to do next and check them off directly from your lock screen or Apple Watch.

SEE YOUR PROGRESS - Charts that look as good as you do.

Our suite of intelligently designed graphs, charts and infographics present incredible amounts of detail in an easily digestible visual format that shows you exactly how you're doing. So you can spot new ways to optimise your workouts and increase your gains. Plus, of course, you can export your data as a CSV file if you want to get clever with spreadsheets.

ILLUSTRATED EXERCISE MANUAL - With interactive muscle diagrams.

Our built-in exercise manual features hundreds of illustrations and interactive diagrams that provide a handy visual reference to what each muscle does in an exercise.

LOG YOUR BODY MEASUREMENTS - Chart every inch of your gains.

Whether you’re bulking or cutting, it’s essential to keep an eye on those all important stats. Reps & Sets logs weight, body fat and eight different body measurements, with graphs and charts to visualise your progress and a BMI calculator.

SELECT WEIGHTS VISUALLY - Making logging fun and intuitive.

Dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, machines... Reps & Sets knows what equipment you’re using, so weight selectors in the app look exactly like your real weights in the gym.

SHARE WORKOUTS & PROGRAMS - Brag to friends. Challenge workout buddies.

Post your workouts on Facebook or Twitter and get friends and family to help keep you motivated. Plus, share your programs with workout buddies, so they can view them on the web and download them for logging with Reps & Sets. Perfect for personal trainers who want to keep their clients sweating between appointments.

LOG EQUIPMENT SETTINGS, SUPERSETS & MORE - Because every detail counts.

With Reps & Sets you can capture every aspect of your workout, including equipment settings like bench incline angle. You can even log supersets, drop-sets, pyramids and HIIT sessions. The calories you burn from cardio sessions is calculated automatically and can be saved to the Health app.

• Workout to-do lists: just check off the sets as you go
• Pre-programmable rest interval and set timers
• Check off sets from notifications on the lock screen or your Apple Watch
• Log every detail, including supersets, drop-sets and more
• Graph your body measurements & exercise progress
• Estimates calories burned from cardio exercises
• Share your workout programs
• Link music playlists to your workout programs
• Hundreds of illustrated exercises
• Interactive muscle diagrams
• Data export to CSV for spreadsheets
• Save cardio workout information to the Health app
• Backup and restore your data to iCloud Drive