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XL GoCyber

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The Internet helps make our world go. It opens all sorts of doors – in both a positive and a negative sense. It's a great tool to learn more about life in general, but hackers can use it to learn about us – potentially more than we'd like them to know. Many people underestimate the risks that the cyber world harbors.

GoCyber is a game that lets you step into the shoes of the "bad guys" and do a bit of hacking. As you work your way through different missions, you can turn data into virtual cash and learn more about cyber risks.

Mission I is about accessing the data stored on the electronic devices in common use today. All you have to do is tap on the different blue-coloured items and watch the dollars mount. Pretty easy really. But it gets tougher…

Mission II encourages you to break into wireless networks to potentially access confidential data. Once you've found and tapped on a network, a combination lock appears. You then just have to spin the reels and try your luck at cracking the code. Breach as many networks as you can as quickly as possible before tackling the toughest level…

Mission III lets you overhear snippets of potentially valuable information and highlights the risk of idle talk. All you have to do is tap on someone's shoulder and they'll tell you something. After 30 seconds, your memory will be put to the test so "listen" carefully.

This game was designed exclusively for the XL Group companies. To find out more about XL Group's cyber-related XL Eclipse products, visit us online at

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