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EnergySaver is an app that saves you money - enables you to quickly "profile-analyze-save" energy (electricity, gas, & water) expenses.

EnergySaver is an ultimate bargain that pays for itself over and over in savings. EnergySaver is a powerful and accurate analytical tool yet it is quick, simple, and efficient to use. EnergySaver provides high-resolution visual results specifically maximizing the advantages of the Retina Display if available as in iPod touch 4, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and The new iPad (iPad 3), etc.

EnergySaver allows you to analyze your current and estimate your future energy consumption instead of just analyzing or tracking past energy consumption. EnergySaver also enables you to customize and analyze each appliance's energy consumption instead of just the overall consumption. By analyzing each appliance's current energy consumption, you can make real changes that will translate into more money in your wallet.

- Start by creating an energy profile.
- Quickly add from pre-populated electric, gas, and water appliances - or create/customize your own appliances.
- Quickly select from pre-populated energy billing rates (sample rates for all 50 US states) - or customize to your exact rates.
- Easily analyze your appliances' energy consumption, and save money by eliminating wasteful (i.e. phantom loads) & optimizing the most expensive consumption.

- Save money by eliminating wasteful consumption and phantom loads hence reducing your overall energy bills.
- Save your appliances with efficient usage and decreased wear & tear.
- Save the earth by shrewd consumption of natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint.

- Covers the major household utilities (electricity, gas, & water).
- Determine your energy consumption by recognizing energy consumption habits, establishing which appliances use the most energy, identifying phantom loads, etc.
- Create multiple profiles such as for each season, different locations, multiple homes - i.e. your home, your parents' home, rental properties, etc.
- Ready to use pre-populated energy consumption data for several common household appliances & energy rate information for all 50 US states.
- Allows you to create/customize your own appliances specific to your requirements and specify your local fixed or tiered energy rates.

- iOS 4 and above

- iPod touch (3rd generation 32GB/64GB), iPod touch 4 (4th generation 8GB/32GB/64GB), or later.
- iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or later.
- iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad (iPad 3), or later.

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