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Puzzles - Russian Folk Tale "The Speckled Hen"

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Kids Puzzle based on Russian folk tale "The Speckled Hen". In this app 15 puzzles and two levels of difficulty.

There lived an old woman and an old man. And with them lived the Speckled Hen. Once the Hen laid an egg, not a common egg, but a golden one. The old man beat the egg, but it wouldn't break. The old woman beat the egg, but it wouldn't break. A small mouse ran by, swishing-swinging its tail. And the egg fell down and broke.
Cries the old man, cries the old woman.
And the Hen says to them:
«Don't you cry, old man,
Don't you cry, old woman,
I shall lay a new egg for you,
not a golden, a common one».