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Mobile Validity

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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•Users presented with only the questions relevant to data entry, adjusts as data is entered
•Drill-down features increase efficiency
•Enforces completeness as data is entered
•Validates data with defined ranges and formats
•Version control for questionnaire edits

Data Entry

•Optimized for pen and touch computing and rapid entry
•"Conflict resolution" logic for edited questionnaires
•Standard, consistent questionnaire presentation
•Context-sensitive reference information
•Reference window supports photos
•Easy to navigate fields
•Data entry by key pad, stylus, or free form writing
•Optimization for smaller screen devices
•Rotate for both portrait and landscape views

Quality Assurance

•View data as it becomes available
•Time/date stamps create a record of when data was collected
•Audit trails track edits of data by user
•Supports user status

•Compatible with Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases
•Exportable to various formats
•Utilizes web services, XML
•Compatible with MapForce for data transformation
Security and Authentication

•Encrypted data transmission
•Create user groups for access to various security levels, features, and data
•Track what information was entered, when, and by whom
•Supports digital signatures