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GuestBook by Incipio

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The new GuestBook App from Incipio provides your business with a professional, convenient, and modern means of keeping track of your visitors. Invite your guests to sign in through a simple and short step-by-step process, seamlessly capturing the visitor’s name, picture thumbnail, signature, the time they arrived, and who they are here to see. Navigate to the admin view to add, edit, and modify employee contact information, complete with the employee’s name, a thumbnail preview, and an email address to notify them when their guest has arrived. Keep an electronic record of your visitors throughout the day and never fear of leaving a guest unattended with instant email notification wherever you may be.

Real-Time Guest Sign-In Eliminates the Paperwork
• Utilizing the iPad’s large and user-friendly touchscreen interface avoids illegible writing
• Capture the visitor’s thumbnail snapshot with the iPad 2 or new iPad’s front-facing camera to preview your guest before you meet them
• Receive instant email notification alerting you that your visitor has arrived

Customizable Settings for Your Company
• Add, edit, and maintain your own company address book complete with employee name, email address, and a picture preview
• Upload your company logo to create branded email notifications notifying your employees when they have a visitor

Note: The GuestBook App requires the use of the iPad 2 and new iPad’s front-facing camera.