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The Hen and the Little Girl
The Mermaid Princess
The Naked King
The Elf of the Rose
The Ugly Duckling
The Wild Swans
The Unwise Hans
The Terrible King
Last Dream for an Old Oak Tree
The Happy Couple
The Cripple Hans
The Shadow
The Rotten Apples and the Wife
The Anemone
The Feather Pen and the Inkstand
The Candles
Little Ida
The Little Match
The Woodcutter and Hermes
Big Klaus and Little Klaus
Grand mother
Ingel who Trod on the Loaf
The Shower and the Buckwheat
The Old House
The Teapot
The Jumper
The Young Thief and His Mother
The Intimate Couple
The Beauty of a Shabby Little Dandelion
The Happy Family
A Piggy Bank
The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweeper
The Swineherd Prince
The Feather
The Old Street Lamp
The Worthwhile Job
The Flying Trunk
The Great Rooster
The Pea Blossom
The Snow Queen
The Flint
A Silver Shilling
The Snowman That Hope to Walk
The Wise Old Lady
The Red Shoes
The Beetle Who Went on His Travels
An Old Church Bell
The Bottle Neck
The Flower Greet the Spring
The Flax
The Butterfly
The Daisy
Benu and Glenu
The Toy Soldier
The Birth Of Poetry And Art
A Princess and the Green Pea
The Angel
The Swans
The Thorny Road of Honor
The Old Tombstones
The Bell
The Silent Book
A Cheerful Temper
The Frog Prince
Mother Holle
The Singing Bone
The Little Elves
Hansel and Gretel
The Little Red Riding Hood
The Singing Lark
The Old Man and His Grandson
The Virgin Mary’s child
The wolf and the fox
The Bremen Music Band
The Lion and the Mouse Who Returned a Favor
The Fox Trapped in the Vineyard
The Goose with the Golden Eggs
Donkey and the Load of Salt
Belling the Cat
A Single-log Bridge
A Dog and His Meat
The Frog and the Cow
The city mouse and the country mouse
A Bundle of Sticks
The Bat
The Fox and The Stork
The Oak and the Reed
The Wind and The Sun
The Crow and the Water Bottle
The Fox and the Monkey that Became a King
The Lion and the Fox Who were Afraid of the Mouse
Two Travelers and the Bear
The Son and the Picture of a Lion
The Monkey and the Fishermen