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English Numbers Training

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Intuitive English digital album to help elementary school, junior high school students through training to improve the English figures ability to respond to new conditioned reflex memory method to solve the majority of the students' English language digital hearing problems. This software mimics human the general process of learning the language, voice and digital repeated with the emergence of the form of knee-jerk (non-memory) English digital memory model, targeted training, after two weeks or so, you can break through the English digital hearing, and a lasting effect, not easy to forget.
★learning model, and guide the beginner English digital learning, live REVIEW eight kinds of accent, the fastest learning of English numbers and master the correct pronunciation .
★Intensive training model, random numbers, and the human voice, through the repeated training, with the emergence of digital image and word pronunciation, allowing users to form conditions reflective (non-memory) English digital memory. eight kinds of life- spelling accent, so that users can adapt to the complex language environment.
★Ability to test mode, sub-entry, advanced, primary three modes, the ability to respond to the user's digital test. first real voice, the user according to hear the answer of the digital input, the software to judge right or wrong after giving prompts users to reread repeatedly multi-accent real figures they got it wrong, and further consolidate the learning outcomes.