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What is the Self-Skin analyzer
of the DermaVision application?
It is professional skin applications that use 256 color bar easily analyze distribution condition of skin Melanin and Erythema, based on SmartPhone
It isanalyzer the condition of your skin and then you can get a consultation from a dermatologist.※This product is a skin professional application developed jointly by OptoBioMed and

APPLICATIONCOMPOSITION:Usage / Camera / Skin Type / Skin Age / Information
Analysis Method ?
1.We analyze melanin, erythema of the skin through 256color bar.
2.The nearer the blue, the better the skin conditions and the nearer the red, the worse the skin conditions.
3.The analyzed skin condition is shown 5steps.
1) Normal skin area : dark blue, blue are shown through percentage(%).
2) Abnormal skinarea : yellow, red, dark red are shown through percentage(%).
4. Melanin and Erythema analysis
1)Melanin analysis : The analysis such as pigmentation, Freckle, and more phenomena
related on dark brown color
2)Erythemaanalysis : The analysis such as Ance, Flushing, PWS, and more skin phenomena
related on red color.
3)S-Gray appear coverall skin tone and results ofpigmentation.

How to use ?
1.Launch the DermaVision application in your SmartPhone.
2.Take a picture where you want to look at and select the Right, Front, Left face.
※ Be careful not to be out an analysis range when shooting.
3. After shooting, select the analyzing button, click the analyzing album view button.
4. Selected Album icon, you can see the Melanin, Erythema, S-Gray, and original picture.
5. Selected Result icon, you can see the analysis result of Melanin, Erythema, S-Gray
6. Saving the image to your storage with save icon.
7. When you want to take another photo, you can select camera icon and go over the sameprocedure.
8. Information icon provides skin trouble information and introduce of clinic DermaVision.
1.If you want to consult, you must take all three kind of images.
2.Be careful not to be out an analysis range when shooting.
3.An analysis value can cause error depending on the camera and lighting condition
When shooting in bright condition, analysis value is accurate.
4. Analysis value are not correct mark-up condition.
5. Don't out of analysis area in shooting box.
6. Don't handle when shooting time.
7. Don't take a picture to turn your bark the general lighting.