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Turtle Graphics

  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Turtle Graphics helps you learn programming concepts in a fun, intuitive, and engaging way. In Turtle Graphics you give drawing commands to a little turtle to have it make pictures for you.

• Simple drag and drop programming
• Draw fractals and other neat pictures
• 12 demo programs to get you started programming
• Gives a visual representation of programs
• Full manual with ideas for your own programs
• Share your programs and graphics with others

Turtle Graphics takes its inspiration from Logo, a seminal programming language used in education. However, instead of typing commands, which offers many opportunities for making mistakes, you drag your commands onto the Roadway. The Roadway shows you how each of your commands leads to the next. This way programming structures such as loops and branches, really look like loops and forks in the road. This gives you a new way to visualize your programs.

Turtle Graphics is simple; with just a few commands you can make interesting pictures. However, it is also deep as it supports advanced programming concepts such as recursion, subprograms (functions), and variables.

We look forward to seeing the great things you will make with Turtle Graphics!