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ufoodies™ for iPad

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ufoodies™ for iPad is a companion app to the ufoodies’ web-based subscription service for restaurants. ufoodies subscribers who want to provide their front-of-house staff with a more elegant and untethered way to manage tables, reservations, wait lists and server assignments can do it all on the iPad.

ufoodies™ for iPad app is not a stand-alone solution but rather a tool through which subscribers can access some of the key features of the ufoodies service. The iPad app requires a ufoodies subscription and must be set up and managed through the web-based interface.

When a person makes a dinner reservation via the ufoodies website reservation widget (provided to the restaurant as part of their subscription), the data is displayed inside the iPad app - enabling the hostess to view all important reservation details and assign the party to a table once they check in at the hostess stand. Users can also enter reservation information directly into the app.


Features Include:

RESERVATION BOOK - user can view and manage reservation data for the current and future dates.

ADD RESERVATION - user can add new table bookings to the system. Includes options for name, time, date, email, party size, occasion, dining preferences, food allergies, and notes.

WALK-IN LIST - user can view and manage the list of parties that show up at the restaurant without a reservation.

ADD WALK-IN - user can add new walk-ins to the system. Includes options for name, email, party size, wait time, dining preferences, food allergies, and notes.

TABLE LAYOUT - user can view the room layouts for each section of the restaurant. User can assign parties to available tables and assign status for each party (eg. seated, drinks, entrees, desserts, check delivered, check paid, done).

SERVERS - user can assign tables to servers and servers to tables.

NOTES - user can add special notes for each day. Uses for adding notes include: The days dinner specials, drink specials, menu changes, delivery information, meeting information, motivational messages, etc.

SETTINGS - Options Include: Sync Rate, Manual Sync, Clear Tables, Sign Out