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Music Theory Notes

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Drill note/clef/keyboard recognition by sight and/or sound.

• Read written pitches in four different clefs and play them on the piano, or the other way around, notate a played piano key in your selected clef.
• Work on your ear-training by hiding the keyboard or staff prompt during the quiz. Use 'Middle C' and 'A440' buttons to help you figure out the written or played answer.
• The quiz note range can be set from 0 to 9 ledger lines above and from 0 to 9 ledger lines below the selected staff. The quiz won't ask for an already asked pitch until each remaining pitch in the entire range specified has been asked or you start a new quiz.
• Treble, Alto, Tenor, and Bass clefs.
• Set number of questions, or stop anytime and grade only the number answered.
• Set up to three tries to get the correct answer.
• Record how long it takes to finish the quiz. It can be turned off.

There's a 'Grades' list that contains all saved quiz results. This list is filterable by student name. You are able to delete selected scores, or all scores at once. Access to the list can be password protected by entering a password in the iPad's Settings App.
The recorded grades include the student's name, date and time the quiz was taken, all relevant quiz settings (clef, number of questions, etc.), and score (percentage and letter grade).