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BingoInput - "helper, dictionary for Draw Something"

iPhone / iPad
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===Wordlist & Dictionary last update in 2012/5/31 !===

1. Check word for puzzle in draw something , show result for given letters .
2. Dictionary for 8 languages , iOS5 inner dictionary support .
3. Gallery of excellent drawing in game.
4. New iPad retina display support .
5. Live update for new wordlist .

Crazy for the game "Draw Something"!
But some situation really confuse me , as you know , when a long combo chain be broken by a stupid mistake.

As a big fan of the game , I really don 't like the app "xxxhelper", it has a terrible UI and very boring input style , every details make me unsatisfied , it 's just make for cheat .
So I made this app ,not for cheat ,for play good.
Because I 'm not a native speaker lol .
Let 's see the feature for the same and difference .

1. The wordlist is exactly fit the game ,you can find out every words inside my app and can not see any other words else. I 'm not recommend use the draw something assistant just for cheat ,though it works perfect . NOW IN 1.20 I 'VE ADDED AUTO UPDATE FUNCTION , I 'll UPDATE THE LIST SOON AFTER THE GAME UPDATED .
2. Comfortable input style , you can type every letter continuously ,and needn't type all 12 letters,you can use it after use a bomb (It 's a very useful situation trust me :)
3. When I read the 12 letters in the game , I will switch for two times average , so for protect my home button :) , I make a quick link to the game .
4. Every word is point to it's wiki link , you can switch into inner dictionary if you are an iOS5 user , which needn 't wifi connection .

5. For the persons is not native speaker , I make the dictionary for you ,you can check it after get the word or query for the english word 's really meaning in your language , you also can query the English word in your language ,just type it in the search bar! so I needn 't play it with an online dictionary , it took me much of time ,I hope you will like.
6. Online Gallery is inside the app ,you can see many excellent works via the player all over the world ,they made amazing works!
7.Finally ,most important ,thanks for my dear wife for great graphic , it really perfect as an utilities .
All of above is that one crazy fan can make for the game I like best , I 'll keep on working and update just for provide more exciting things
for the game, my product shows my confidence !
Play Good , have fun for it and let me know your requirement in the comment .

======following is for traditional Chinese user=====
首先,這個應用可以讓你不會輸,但是這不是我做這個東西的主要目的,我只希望在對方畫得完全不知所雲或者單詞完全不認識,連中文意思都搞不明白的時候試試,雖然它的查詢功能應該說是最強的,drawsomething 詞庫之外的單詞一概沒有收錄。
好像軟件介紹的語言選擇裏面沒有香港台灣新加坡的繁體中文區,所以我寫在這裏,希望這款軟件能夠讓你更投入沈浸在draw something的樂趣中。