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Music Theory Chords

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Test your knowledge of Triads and Seventh Chords. Test just using your ears, and/or analyze the music notation.

• Triads tested are major, minor, diminished and augmented.
• Seventh chords tested are diminished, min7(b5), min7, min(maj7), dominant7, maj7, dominant7(#5) and maj7(#5).

• Set how the question is asked; playing the chord normally, rolling the chord up, or rolling the chord down.
• Set a random root movement from question to question, or set the root yourself during the quiz.
• Test without the sound to work on identifying the chord by just analyzing the notation, or cover the screen and listen to the chord quality.
• Treble, Alto, Tenor, and Bass clefs.
• Set number of questions, or stop anytime and grade only the number answered.
• Set up to three tries to get the correct answer.
• Record how long it takes to finish the quiz. It can be turned off.

There's a 'Grades' list that contains all saved quiz results. This list is filterable by student name. Access to the list can be password protected by entering a password in the iPad's Settings App.
The recorded grades include the student's name, date and time the quiz was taken, all relevant quiz settings (clef, number of questions, etc.), and score (percentage and letter grade).