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Music Theory Rhythms

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Work on your time signatures, rhythms ond polyrhythm skills. Develop better hand independence with two lines of rhythms. From very simple to almost impossible. Sight reading rhythms won't be a problem anymore.

*** Killer App *** rating in Apps4iDevices

• Set a time signature from 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4.
• Set the number of measures from 1 to 16.
• Select one or two hands - written lines of rhythms.
• Select from one to three pads per hand - pitches notated on, above, and below each line.
• Select the specific combination of note values you want included in the test rhythms: Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth, Dotted Half, Dotted Quarter, Triplet Half, Triplet Quarter, and Triplet Eighths.
• Include or exclude using rests in the rhythms.
• Exclude grading note durations to better test percussionists or to focus on accuracy alone.
• Listen to the rhythm as many times as you want before and after you attempt playing it.
• Change the tempo between each listen or attempt.
• Record up to three attempt's markings on the rhythm display.
• Attempt the same rhythm as many times as you want.

There's a 'Grades' list that contains all saved quiz results. This list is filterable by student name. You are able to delete selected scores, or all scores at once. Access to the list can be password protected by entering a password in the iPad's Settings App.
The recorded grades include the student's name, date and time the quiz was taken, all relevant quiz settings (note values included, rests, length, etc.), and score (percentage and letter grade).