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Ballistics HD

  • Utilities
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Description Individual ballistic calculation of klick-values for the SWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic turret respectively of aiming-points for the SWAROVSKI OPTIK distance reticles.

Determine your individual klick-values (ballistic turret) resp. correction values (distance reticles) according to
- Your riflescope (including your personal settings)
- Ammunition (choose from a database or enter manually)
- Atmospheric conditions and
- Shot-specific factors (zero range, angle shot, type of target)

Advanced Features
- Calculation of ballistic coefficient (BC)
- Expert-mode for atmospheric conditions
- Display of trajectory table (incl. windage) Specific Feature
- Optimized User Interface
- Full Screen High Resolution charts
- Larger Reticle View
- Optimized Trajectory Table View