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"PadPublisher" makes it easy to send your documents and publication and stay connected with your team from anywhere on any device – without loosing control over your valuable assets
* Share important documents with your coworkers

* Have your presentation at your fingertips

* Make sure, that your colleagues do not have outdated docs.

* Secure content with automatic check for updates when the app is opened

* Control the distribution of your content, make sure that your content is not forwarded

PadCloud allows you to do all these and more! Companies and individuals increasingly rely on PadCloud for simple, secure corporate content distribution.

"PadPublisher" for iPhone and iPad lets you: 

• view documents and publication directly on your iPhone and iPad
• secure content and guarantees that its not forwarded outside your company
• control who is receiving what documents
• enable your employees and peers to receive important information directly to their devices
• grant easy availability to content even if offline

• Secure content with automatic checks for updates for documents and publications

“Since we discovered "PadPublisher", our sales agents always have the latest documents and publications always available – they don’t even have to boot up their computer. The scary moment of “…is the computer going to start’ moment...” is eliminated.”

“The PadPublisher App enables us to finally send our minutes to the board and advisors, without fearing, that they might be forwarded to the press or others”

„Before I always hesitated to send our top class sales manuals to my team via mail. Now, I can share any manual with my team, and I don’t have to fear, that ist forwarded to the wrong hands.“