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Body Fat Calculator

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Our Body composition is simply the ratio of lean body mass to fat body mass.

So too much fat can lead to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and other serious conditions.

First, our body fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat it contains.

Suppose If you are 150 pounds and 10% fat, it means that your body consists of 15 pounds fat and 135 pounds lean body mass.

A certain amount of fat is essential to bodily functions.

Fat regulates body temperature, cushions and insulates organs and tissues and is the main form of the body's energy storage.

There are several ways you can find out your percentage of body fat.

BODY FAT application is a unique source to check Body Fat Percentage as well as Body Mass Index (BMI).

A dual-purpose app with an eye catching interface, advanced measurements calculator available for both iPhone & iPad devices.


•Calculates Both BMI & Body Fat.

•Ability to set Age, Weight, Height measurements through a easy to set Scale.

•Calculate for Both Gender (Male/Female)

•Calculate Percentages for both Children & Adults.

•Set Height units as required (Available Centimeters & Feets).

•Set Weight units as desired (Available Kilograms & Pounds/Lbs).

Therefore knowing your body fat % can also help you determine if your weight loss goals are realistic.

But also remember, weight loss doesn't always mean fat loss.