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Game is to build up balloons and falling on either side of the balance weight, go off them the weight balanced.

When the left and right sides of the balance is balanced, weight-loaded and balloons will disappear.
Get rid of many more scoring will be high at a time.

In addition, up to degree level reaches a certain score, will continue to up the difficulty.
Well off, let's aim high score!

■ How to Play
・You start the game by tapping the Start button.
・Once the game started, please put a good balance to the left and right tray balloon-falling weight.
・And the weight of the left and right to be the same, balloon-weight scores will contain disappear.
・The greater the number of balloon-stacked weight, the more score when off.
・Balloon is no longer broken on top of the balloon and gain weight.
・When you level up, or items made ​​of balloons fall faster speed, weight, or more will appear.
・High score to take the bonus coins.Bonus coins are taken or placed on a balloon weight.
■ a variety of items
・Weight: weight of numbers was written, the tray will be heavy only by the numbers.
・Balloon: balloon was written the number, the tray will be only lightly number of minutes.
・Arrow:The weight and the balloon went up to put together a sin. While maintaining the weight, you can reserve a space.
・Bomb:Focusing on where you place, and turns off by blowing up a balloon weight of adjacent area.
・Eyeball:Displays the difference between the weight of the tray and the tray and the other dropped.It should be noted that (emergence from level 3) will disappear when you clear the tray.
・Triple bomb:Focusing on where you place, (emergence from level 5) to turn off by blowing up a balloon and the weight of direction except on the 7.
・Skull: The effect of any change in the weight of a large number of more than 10 or triple bomb, speed up, is the weight, piling up occurs.

■ The aim is a high score
・Summarizes the balloon-law off a lot of weight will contain many scores.
・Higher scores than normal-weight balloon to enter and turn off the bomb.
・About entering higher score will be higher level.
・Let's take a bonus coins, coin bonus takes to put on weight or balloons.
・Let's aim a bonus. Bonus points will go off and do the following way.
Bomb Delete:If the balance of proportion by weight to blow up a balloon-bomb.
Flat Delete:If the height of the balloon-laden weight of the left and right when you have all of proportion.
Symmetry Delete:If the symmetrical shape of the balloon-weight-loaded when of proportion.