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Workout Time

iPhone / iPad
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By workout fanatics, for workout fanatics: No need for a stopwatch, a clock or even a watch! Workout Time is an audio and visual stopwatch, perfect for trips to the gym, timing your weight lifting reps, timing runs, bike rides and anything else that needs to be timed with two independent timers that give you audible and visual alarms for your upcoming sets, or just whenever a certain amount of time has passed! In addition to the resettable timer, there is a "total workout" timer that times your entire workout, so no matter how many times you reset the one timer, you'll always know how long your workout has lasted! You can even pause the workout if you need to (for example if you're running and need to stop for a traffic light).

Built for both the iPhone 4S and the new iPad with retina display, graphics are super sharp and beautifully rendered. And of course this app lets you run iTunes or another music player in the background, or alternatively it will run in the background while you play music or work in other apps.

The main interface is super simple, with only a few buttons, so you won't accidentally hit the wrong button when you're concentrating on other things. The big blue button in the center is the reset button: this resets an individual timer, so you can easily time rest periods between reps, or have the stopwatch let you know when a certain time has passed. A single beep can happen as often as you like (down to one second intervals), and an alarm--either a triple beep, or a voice counting down and telling you to go!--also occurs as often as you wish. There are six presets you can recall, so you can save four settings for the beep and alarm times without having to go to the settings. You can also set a 10 second verbal countdown to your next alarm: "10... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!" And you can disable the alarm after it's triggered the first time, until you press the reset button again. This keeps the alarm from continuing to fire, which could be annoying depending on your needs.

Speaking of settings, you can of course adjust the interval between beeps and alarms, and also change between a voice announcing your next alarm, or a triple beep, enable a voice that tells you how many minutes have passed (for example if you're running or biking, you can keep up with how long you've been at it). You can also tell Workout Time to run in the background, adjust the beep tone (low, middle, and high, depending on the music you like to listen to), adjust volume, save preset times for beeps and alarms, and force the screen to stay on when the program is running, so it won't go to sleep on you!

Workout Time is designed as a stopwatch that doesn't need to be seen to be used (so you can put your iPhone, iPod or iPad in your pocket or on your arm and go), but it also works great as a visual timer: the reset button has a second hand that sweeps around the dial, and red tick marks show when each alarm is coming up.

This is a carefully thought out and crafted timekeeping piece that we built to be the perfect workout timer for our needs--and now it can be for you too!