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A key element of STEM is understanding the process in documenting Science Lab Reports and we felt it was important to add this to our iPlan Series.

This app provides a structured methodology of journaling for Science Labs. Helping students and teachers capture valuable information using text and/or voice**. Reports can be emailed and blogged to be shared at a later date.

- Abstract - Often written last; A summary of the experiment: procedure, results, and analysis.

- Introduction - A description of the scientific background for for the experiment, any previous related experiments.

- Purpose - Briefly state the reason for performing this experiment.

- Hypothesis - Describe the theory which will be tested during this experiment and predict what will happen. From a sentence to a paragraph in length.

- Procedures (Materials and Methods) - This may be a narrative or a list of specific steps. May include an equipment list.

- Results/Observations - Observed data, list data recordings, date recordings if needed

- Discussions - Analysis of what results mean and error analysis

- Conclusions - Restates purpose, hypothesis, and relates the results/observations and discussion. Also describe future experiments or areas of improvement

- Works Cited - bibliography of sources

NOTE: Because reports use HTML you can use standard HTML mark-up for line breaks or links (See blog for tips and tricks). When listing data use line breaks and/or punctuation such as "," or ";" to separate data value/unit pairs.

Contains the following views:

Science Lab Report Definitions
Resource, Publisher, and Author Definition
Categories Definition
Scientist/Student Definition
Report Definition