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play2learn German HD COMPLETE

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Play2learn German HD, one of the most popular language apps for the German language now available as the Complete version for your iPad. It includes all of the additional content available for the play2learn apps, at a very special price. Discounts for educational institutions apply.


Play2Learn is not just a game; it is a powerful concept of learning languages designed for children from 3- 12 years. It is designed for children learning foreign languages as well as for young native speakers eager to play with the iPad.

Never before learning languages has been so simple, amusing and addictive. Your children will develop their word power while playing. Interesting and funny illustrated playgrounds and high quality sounds recorded by true native speakers which give your child an opportunity to learn the words and to pronounce them properly. Simple and self-explanatory interfaces was designed considering manual dexterity of children, allows them to set-up the game and play it by themselves without engaging their parents.

Play2learn provides two playing modes:
1. “Point & Listen” – tap the object on the screen to hear its name in Spanish and to see the spelling. You can turn the spelling on/off at any moment during game play. Note that all of the nouns are presented and pronounced together with their articles "Der/Die/Das", this is an unique feature of our app!

Don't know what to tap? Use the "Hint" mode to discover all of the tap able items.

2. “Listen & Point” – tap the object pronounced by the native German speaker. Can you color the entire picture?

3. Play2learn Complete contains over 500 German words divided into 54 subjects:

- Colors
- Shapes
- Human body
- Human face
- Family
- House
- Fruits (2 sets)
- Vegetables (2 sets)
- Animals & pets
- Clothes (boys & girls)
- Toys
- Vehicles (2 sets)
- Tableware
- Jewellery
- Computers
- Halloween
- Plants
- Inside the House,
- Kitchen,
- Arms & Legs,
- Landscapes,
- Winter clothes,
- ZOO (2 sets)
- School equipment,
- Living room,
- Bedroom,
- Bathroom,
- Food (2 sets)
- Sweets
- Insects,
- Army,
- Car,
- Vehicles #2,
- Christmas,
- Sea,
- Electronic equipment,
- Solar system,
- professions
- Camping,
- On the beach,
- On the street,
- Kid's playground,
- Circus,
- Flower,
- Winter,
- Animals


Do you like Play2Learn? If so, please help us out by leaving a 5 star review on the AppStore :))) Unfortunately, we can't leave a reply on the AppStore, so if you wish to report any bug or request new features please mail us at We will do our best to respond to your requests! You also can “Like” our Facebook page, you will find answers to your iTunes comments there!