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Vehicle Status Report

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
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Vehicle Status Report is an iPhone and iPod touch (with camera) app that can assist to easily generate pdf status/condition reports for vehicles.

For years the automotive industry was using a notepad and a camera to write down the all the details and remarks of a vehicle. The data collected had to be transferred to a computer and using a word processor or a template a report was generated manually. The above process was never fully completed or documented properly, so finding a report that was done last month was a very long process.

Vehicle Status Report has come to change that. With the release of the iPhone 4 and then 4s the quality of the pictures the device can take is equivalent (if not better) than most compact cameras can take and definitely fulfills the requirements of a status report. Now notes and pictures can be taken using one device. No notepad, camera, looking through the files of a memory stick or word processing is required. Everything is done on the spot using only one device, even the pdf report generation and sending the report via email.

All data are stored on the device and can be exported through email. PDF Report has three compression settings, so the file generated can be easily send through a 3g connection.

You can now impress your customer or boss by preparing and sending a Vehicle Status Report in a matter of minutes, on the go. Just fill out the forms, take some pictures and the report is ready to be sent via email.