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WordScape is the anagram word game that challenges the player to find one solution using all the letters.


Our first release on the iPhone is WordScape. Check out this relaxing anagram word game. With 4 game modes and thousands of words in each of 4 difficulty levels, you can enjoy this game for many hours. The high scores are stored on the leader-boards so you can see how you do compared to the rest of the world.

The four game modes are:

Puzzle Mode

You are presented with 10 puzzles from your selected difficulty. Golf scoring rules apply, so your goal is to get the lowest score.
This score is directly based on the number of seconds it takes to solve the puzzle. If you get stuck, you can use the hint button, but be careful, this will add 15 seconds to your time!

Time Attack

In Time Attack, time is your limiting factor in solving the puzzles. You have a total time of 2 minutes 30 seconds to solve as many puzzles as you can. Each puzzle gives you one point and the goal is to get the highest possible score. Getting a hint on a tough puzzle gives a big penalty here as it costs you 15 seconds. Which can make a big difference!

Word Challenge

With Word Challenge, there are only 5 puzzles presented to you, but you also only get 30 seconds to solve each puzzle! A perfect score of 5000 is possible if you can solve all the puzzles in the first three seconds before the puzzle starts - after that, the score will slowly drop from 1000 until it reaches zero.

Relax Mode

Sometimes you just don't want to rush, you want to try a tougher level or you want to listen to some soothing music while daydreaming about the meaning of some of the tougher words. If this sounds like you, give this mode a try. No stress, and no worries. Enjoy!

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