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ADI Records

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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"this is one of the best pupil records apps I've used and I would highly recommend it to any ADI, whether a sole-trader or operating a large school" - adiNEWS.

Based on the official DSA driver training syllabus, Records is the essential app for UK driving instructors wishing to have easily accessible and constantly up-to-date pupil progress and payment records.

Records helps you track each of your pupil's progress in 32 different driving topics (see below for a full list of the topics included). Store separate notes for each topic and email the full record to your pupil at any time with the touch of a button. With Records, it couldn't be simpler to keep your pupils constantly informed and up-to-date, making sure you both know what you've been doing and what you're about to do.

Records also keeps track of all payments made by each pupil, and how many hours are remaining for each pre-paid block. You can set your own lesson prices to speed up the process of adding payments. Records makes it easy to keep payment info up-to-date with your pupil in the car, so you're both always on the same page with regard to what's been paid for and what's due.

• Fast & powerful - simple interface with all your records at your fingertips
• No bells or whistles - just accurate and thorough progress and payment records for all pupils
• Easy and free to share information with your pupils
• No hidden costs - pay once for the app and it's yours to use as much as you like
• Store information for an unlimited number of pupils
• Export your database via iTunes so you can stay backed up and never worry about losing vital data
• Automatically send yourself a copy of each emailed record sheet to serve as permanent record
• Include details of pupil's latest payment in your email
• Store pupil licence and theory test details so you can easily book their test for them when they're ready
• Store a list of each pupil's preferred lesson times
• Quickly and easily add new appointments to iPhone/iPad diary
• Email the "Show Me Tell Me Questions" to your pupils from within the app
• Store your own lesson prices for fast payment entry
• Set alternative lesson prices for student discount etc.
• Set your own standard levels to describe pupil's progress in each driving topic
• Keep parents informed: send a copy of each progress email to another address
• Archive records for pupils which are not currently active

Full list of driving skills you can record in the app:

• Cockpit Checks
• Safety Checks
• Controls & Instruments
• Moving Away & Stopping
• Angle Start
• Uphill Start
• Safe Positioning
• Mirrors - Vision & Use
• Signals
• Anticipation & Planning
• Progress
• Use Of Speed
• Meeting Other Traffic
• Junctions - Turning Left
• Junctions - Turning Right
• Junctions - Emerging Left
• Junctions - Emerging Right
• Junctions - Crossroads
• Junctions - Traffic Lights
• Roundabouts
• Pedestrian Crossings
• Country Roads
• Dual Carriageways
• Turning The Vehicle Around
• Reversing Around A Corner
• Parallel Parking
• Bay Parking
• Emergency Stop
• Darkness
• Weather Conditions
• Independent Driving
• Vehicle Safety Checks

Each of the above skills can be graded at the following levels:

• Introduced
• Full Instruction
• Prompted
• Seldom Prompted
• Independent

You can change these skill levels to suit your preferences by going to the Settings app on your device and selecting Records from the list.

Additional details which can be recorded in the app:

• General Notes
• Target
• Licence Check
• Eyesight Check
• Theory Test
• Practical Test

PLEASE NOTE: This app is not a contacts app. Every iPhone and iPad comes with an excellent contracts app pre-installed. Records does not attempt to recreate the functionality of the pre-installed contacts app.

Records is a universal app for iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher.