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Live Alphabet light

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  • Education
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This application is a light version of the animated and narrated book Live Alphabet. Here presented first 12 letters of alphabet.
The youngest readers will be introduced to their ABCs in a fun and entertaining way! Every letter reveals a cartoon with characters that your children will love. Here, you can meet a giraffe; drive an airplane or a car; try different outfits on a doll or different mustache on a gentleman; learn how to make magic with a common jar; or what came first: the hen or the egg?

As a rule, children begin familiarizing themselves with technologies at the age of 1-2 years: kids are already able to operate device consciously; besides, this is the very age when they are usually being acquainted with letters and memorize the whole alphabet quite easily; they do not just sing the ABC song, but can name every letter in the printed words.
The alphabet starts from the page, where images of all subjects that correspond to alphabet letters are collected: an airplane, a bus, a car, a dog etc. (Just do not forget to close the window with navigation prompting messages, a close-cross in the upper right corner.)

By the way, you will find a gift from the alphabet creators on the same tab: they offer free download of the file with the poster sized alphabet. It seems we see it for the first time: iPad application with an offline free bonus!
Needless to say that material proof of virtual world existence is just indispensable for kids – and you will see, that this poster will be enjoyed, because every kid knows that an umbrella can be carried away when the wind blows, and a queen is not always so harsh in reality.
Also here is the ABC song, in the course of which every letter jumps in turn when pronounced. Children easily associate sound with letters, so it is practically a karaoke for those who are still unable to read.
Live ABC HD offers children 26 pages matching the number of the English alphabet letters. All pages are interactive. If you press the capital letter which starts the scene, an image with the letter appears, appearance and disappearance of an object accompanied with wonderful animation. With some letters, mini games are offered for kids by the authors, quite comprehensible in this age but still entertaining so that even adults would play them with pleasure. For example, playing xylophone (you either play or use prompting message, in which case the kid can easily perform three famous children’s songs) or enabling to eat an Eskimo pie in just one second to somebody who is very fast.
Such interactivity enables to capture kid’s attention and attract the kid into educational game. The game is jolly good as an alternative or supplement to paper alphabet for familiarizing the smallest ones with the alphabet. Magnificent sound should be noted as well. All letters and words are pronounced expressively, with good intonation and enunciation. Background music changes with images complementing them non-intrusively.
One of the users commented the alphabet on the Appstore: “Having reviewed the alphabet, I fancied having kids.”