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Push or Fold Poker

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*** « Push or Fold Poker» : the perfect coach to maximize your preflop wins ***

“Push or Fold Poker” is designed for poker players who want to improve their game in Texas Hold’em No Limit Tournaments. Follow the advice given by this app and you’ll quickly increase your wins!
You can also try Lite version "Push or Fold - Lite", available on Appstore.

*** Principle ***
When your stack becomes too small relative to blinds, preflop game strategy should be limited to push (shove/all-in) or fold. “Push or Fold Poker” will help you to catch best opportunities to play, but it will also help you to avoid situations which are not profitable.
Indeed, “Push or Fold Poker” instantly tells you if it’s profitable to shove or whether to fold your hand regarding your situation (stacks, blinds, positions, action before you).

*** User Guide ***
You can choose between 2 modes:
- Cards Mode : this mode suggests you to push or fold according to your cards and your situation (stacks, blinds, position, action before you). This is ideal mode for beginners.
- Range Mode: this mode suggests a range of hands you can shove according to your situation (stacks, blinds, position, action before you). This is a powerful mode for intermediate level players who want to improve their game analysis.

*** Advanced Features ***
“Push or Fold Poker” also offers several features that you will not be able to do without :
- Display hands range with whom your opponents should pay if you shove (optimum game);
- Choose the hand strength classification that best fits your situation (advanced players);
- Define your stack using M ratio or number of BB;
- Adjust your game to particular situations (hyper-turbo tournaments, face-to-head against an all-in maniac, ...);
- At any time, switch from one mode to another;
- Find all relevant information in the Info menu;
- Web site :
- Blog :

*** Graphical User Interface ***
The graphical interface has been optimized to display the most complex situations in the shortest time. No need to rack your brains for 5 minutes to know if you should push or fold your hand: with "Push or Fold Poker", you can take this decision in less than 5 seconds!

*** User Reviews ***
- "Since I started using 'Push or Fold Poker', I reach more easily and more regularly final tables" - Phil, regular online player.
- "Thanks to this app, my game has improved significantly and I earn much more money than before" - Daniel, amateur online player.
- "I have long practice of ‘push or fold’ strategy and this app has make my life easier! Thank you! "- Vincent, professional online player.
- "The app is the most useful poker apps on the market! It’s profitable from the first use"- Isabelle, regular online player.
- "iPhones are allowed in my Casino, now I can optimize my moves with 'Push or Fold Poker' Range Mode" - Tom, live player.