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iSponsor for Women HD: 12 Step Recovery Sober Living for Alcoholics

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"★★★★★ This app keeps me focused on my sobriety. I love it.”

"★★★★★ The best AA app …. a beautiful reminder and focusing process to manage my addiction.”

iSponsor For Women HD: 12 Step Recovery Sober Living For Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a carefully designed “always-on” sobriety reminder system for use by women in a twelve step recovery program.

When A.A. was founded in 1935, it was widely believed that women couldn't be alcoholics, and that they didn't even deserve a place in A.A. We now of course know that women form a vital and essential part of the A.A. community.

Research has shown that women have a special way of communicating and healing that is different than men. We created this version of the app specifically for women, in recognition of both the special challenges women face in this world, and the unique strengths they bring to recovery.

iSponsor for Women helps women in recovery remember their strongest motivations to stay sober, even when times are tough cravings are intense. This app features:

* Motivational quotes about sobriety WRITTEN ENTIRELY BY WOMEN
* Unique “I HAVE BEEN SOBER FOR” calendar clock
* Beautiful auto-scrolling motivational photos selected from your device’s camera roll
* Your reasons to stay sober
* Fast access to your sponsors
* No data usages or cellular connection required
* Non-specific application icon, for privacy

Developed by Psychotherapy Data Systems, makers of the popular “DBT Diary” and “EMDR For Clinicians” apps, this application is designed as a full-featured devotional platform for people in recovery.

Recommended usage:

1. Download application
2. Set your date of sobriety
3. Select motivation images of loved ones from your device
4. Add your own text motivations as requested
5. While you work, study, or relax, keep iSponsor running on your mobile device as an always-on reminder system