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Rony's Math

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"Rony’s Math is fun way for young kids to work on their basic math skills in a stress-free environment."
-, Editor's choice.

"Great app, we recommend it to those parents who want to teach basic math skills to their kids in fun ways."

"Rony's Math offers a unique game play. The kids at Fun Educational Apps loved it and are adding it to our TOP PICKS list!"

"I like the narration, by a child, and the graphics are cute and fun."

Rony's Math is a new terrific and very educational math game for kids 3+ which provides opportunities to explore the nature of mathematics and get lots of fun through playing with beautiful animals in a picturesque wood.

It incorporates the ideas of Jean Piaget, L. Vygotski, presents these ideas in a form not difficult to understand and provides an easy-to-follow format thus needs minimal parent supervision. Helpful tips are included to help your child’s learning.

With Rony kids can:
-build counting skills;
-boost confidence;
-acquire proficiency in fundamental mathematical skills and in recalling basic number facts;
-improve problem-solving abilities;
-develop love of learning.

In 2002, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and NCTM issued a joint statement to “affirm that high-quality, challenging, and accessible mathematics education for 3- to 6-year-old children is a vital foundation for future mathematics learning.”[1]

Rony's Math is the way to meet this challenge and give your child a head start. It consists of 5 interrelated levels in which understanding in one area is dependent on, and supportive of, ideas and concepts in other levels. Such linkage within the subject is essential. It’s necessary to play consequently but then possible to return to favorite levels once they have been completed to enjoy more.

Levels are designed to give your child a real sense of achievement. This helps to boost their confidence and develop good learning habits for life. Funny minutes of tapping the worms between the levels give additional motivation.

1. build bridges to help Rony to get to the beaver
2. help Rony to gather water lilies for the frog
3. open windows for the squirrel to jump out
4. help Rony and the hedgehog to pick up mushrooms
5. color flowers to attract the butterfly
6. enjoy playing

1. learn to arrange sets of objects in ascending order: put the numbers in order from the smallest to the largest and vice versa
2. learn odd and even numbers
3. learn to make a sequence of numbers
4. learn to compare numbers (bigger than/smaller than)
5. train their mental calculation and develop arithmetical skills
6. acquire the knowledge, concepts and skills required for everyday living and for use in other subject areas

Each level has an educational focus and builds essential skills through hours of fun. Each level has great graphics, animation and pleasant music.

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[1] NAEYC & NCTM. (2002). Early childhood mathematics: Promoting good beginnings. Washington, DC: National Association for the Education of Young Children.