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Circle of 5ths HD, 2nd Edition

  • Music
  • Education
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Circle of 5ths App is your music teacher, trainer and also can be a portable tool, book, reference, library, cheat sheet and your friend.

New additions:
1. Circle of All – Circle of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths (true 4ths!), 6ths, 7ths and of course, 5ths; interesting here is that the last key ALWAYS ends with C#/Cb Major or A#m/Abm.
2. Bass and Alto clefs
3. Drag and Drop – practice key signatures and chord progressions
4. Tones/Semi-tones marks on scales – you can choose those marks on or off
5. Compound intervals up to two octaves (24 semitones)
6. Modes

1. Audio
2. Contents navigation
3. Performance
4. Graphics
5. Usability
6. Enhanced user interaction
7. Internal structure; stability, memory management, etc.