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* Runno is a game played by iPhone in real life. Outdoor activities, for example running or walking are logged by iPhone's location sensors. The user can circle an area by going around it and claim that as hers or his (for example around a landmark, or anywhere in one's neighborhood). At the same time, each calorie burnt will earn user 7 points or Runno's own currency Wallutas.

* Users can attack other users' areas and invade part of these areas. In these cases, battles will start. A battle will be decided by sending soldiers to the battle area. The user with more soldiers after the battle time ended (7 days) will retain the battle area as hers/his. Users can have as many areas as they like, and collection of these areas is their Kingdom. Based on the total sum of the areas, each user receives a badge.

* Runno is both an individual game and a game you can play with your friends. One claims an area, say a couple of blocks in hers/his neighborhood, town or city. Her/his friends can also go out and claim some areas as well. It might happen that soon enough others will want part of his turfs. Then they choose to battle the user or leave those parts. One can also buy an area from other people, in Market.

* The results of the game and logs of the activities can be viewed at

Watch our tutorial videos on Runno youtube channel:

Note: The website might not work properly on IE8, IE7 or IE6. We are working on it, but works as it should on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and RockMelt browsers.

Be advised that this app uses GPS in background mode during activities and Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


We are featured on TNW: "Fitness app Runno offers an interesting mix of workout and location-based gameplay" :


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