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iGoBeat Pro

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✭✭About iGoBeat✭✭

iGoBeat is a fantastic new generation music game for iPad/iPhone. It allows the players to simulate the performance of pop music by tapping, swiping and holding your fingers on the touch screen. We borrow ideas from playing methods of other music games and mixed these methods together to make iGobeat Unique. If you don’t know what is iGoBeat, we suggest you to download the FREE iGoBeat HD, which has more than 200 songs prepared for you.

✭✭About iGoBeat Pro✭✭
iGoBeat Pro is the brand new Evolutionize Version of iGoBeat. It include dozens of improvements and optimizations including the renewed UI. You’ll have new methods of playing, New experiences of playing, the most important is: the make of beatmaps will be more strict and professional. The NEW iGoBeat Pro will compatible the 200+ beatmaps from the old version and also, every week you will have new songs to play.

✭✭Special Features✭✭
1.Many kind of different notes:Normal, Slide, Hold, Bonus. Each kind of note has its own distinguishing feature, suitable for all types of music. By using these notes, we can design the protean beatmaps.
2. Everybody can play. Smoothly gameplay and Wonderful design,
3.Medal System illustration There are four types of medal you can win by playing any songs.
4.GameCenter and Openfeint leader board are enabled。

✭✭Mainly Improvements✭✭
1. Include 3 types of beatmaps: 3X4, 4X4 5X4;
2. Brand-new Redesigned UI, no more Ads;
3. Remove the health points;
4. Beatpower can be used only three time in a song;
5. The slide notes are easier to recognize;
6. The score of different level will save separately and will show your rank info on the cover of the song.
7. Advaned Experience point setting. You can unlock themes and some interesting options by higher Level (Play songs will not cost beatpoints anymore.)

Email and iMessage:

iGoBeat Pro QQ Group:193903363
iGoBeat Groups: 65412321,125402632, 171563068,

Welcome to join us. Let's chat , learning and much more fun.

~~ 簡單的快樂 從觸碰音樂開始~~


"iGoBeat"是一款開放的, 自由的音樂節拍類遊戲, 聆聽動聽的音樂, 利用觸摸屏的點擊、滑動、長按等動作配合音樂節拍讓您的手指在五光十色的屏幕上起舞。我們借鑒且融合了多種音樂遊戲的玩法, 並獨具一格.如果您不知道什麽是iGoBeat, 那麽建議您下載免費的iGoBeat, HD,目前已經有220+免費歌曲提供給您進行遊戲.

✭✭關於iGoBeat Pro✭✭

iGoBeat Pro是它的前身iGoBeat HD的全新進化版本. 除了煥然一新的界面之外,還新增了數十項改進和優化.玩法更豐富,遊戲體驗更佳.更重要的是:Pro的曲譜制作更嚴謹,除了兼容老版本iGoBeat HD的200+首曲譜之外.將來每周將會有更多的好聽且優質的譜面免費提供.歌曲列表請參考官網