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ziller! K-POP farewell song Karaoke

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K-POP farewell song
Please comfort the pain of parting in the K-POP.
I hope you forget loved ones with singing the sad but beautiful k-pop.

This application is the easiest way to singing K-POP
Selected most popular songs of the KPOP singers!

You're able to learn Korean easy that you just read the K-POP lyrics in English.

It's just same sound as KARAOKE and easy to sing a K-POP song.
Furthermore, you can record your own voice with this application, so you feel you're a K-POP superstar!

**너를 사랑했기에 후회없기에 좋았던 기억만 가져가라 - HaruHaru(BIGBANG)
I loved you. and I don't regret it. so you take only good memories.

**왜 아직도 너 때매 눈물 흘리는지 내가 너무 싫어 - 2 Different Tears(Wonder Girls)
Why shed tears because of you yet, I hate me.

**난 널 생각하면 너무 아파 아파 아파 - It hurts(2NE1)
When I think of you, it hurts so much.

**가지마 더 가지마 내 곁에 있어줄수는 없니 - In Heaven (JYJ)
Don't let go. Don't go further. Can't you stand by me?

**눈물로 얼룩진 낡은 종이 위로 행복할수도 슬플수도 없어 - Fiction (BEAST)
I can not be happy nor sad over the tearstained and old paper.

※ Ziller? It's 'Singing', 'Loud' in Korean.
   Let's Ziller!!

Do you have any K-POP songs that you want to sing?
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