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ASTARICKS - World’s Premier Digital Business Card System

iPhone / iPad
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  • Productivity
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ASTARICKS® is the world’s premier digital business card system. Save, sort, view & share ASTARICKS Business Cards superfast - online, over the phone, face-to-face and at expos, conferences and seminars.
There’s no need to take a photo or scan a card. No OCR problems and 100% Accuracy. ASTARICKS CARDS are interactive, updatable and secure and can contain up to 10 HD pictures.


• Ground breaking app
• Interacts with the ASTARICKS Global Business Card System
• ASTARICKS Cards are interactive, updatable and secure!
• Save, sort, view & share Cards with ease
• No need to take a photo of the business card
• No need to scan the business card
• No need to type any business details, they’re already in the Card!
• Save and share Cards - online, over the phone, face-to-face and at expos, conferences and seminars.
• ASTARICKS CARDS contain a lot more information than a regular business card
• View detailed information, logos & pictures
• Cards can include 10 HD pictures with hyperlinks
• View business ‘About Us’ description & operating hours
• View business address & distance to business eg: 1.25 Miles,
• View map & directions to business
• Link to business website, online shop, Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® etc.
• Add voice memos directly to Business Cards
• Add tags directly to Business Cards
• Receive push updates if any business details change, eg: address, phone number, picture etc.
• Sort Cards by Name, Date, Type, Code
• Share Cards via the ASTARICKS CODE system or email, SMS and QR Code.
• View History of collected Cards
• View Cards while offline or in flight mode
• Get access to ‘ASTARICKS Maps & Directions’
• Free ASTARICKS Cloud account
• Free Cloud back up of your collected Cards
• Sync Cards to Cloud. Log in to your cloud account & view your Cards from anywhere in the world
• Sync Cards to Windows PC or laptop via ‘ASTARICKS Plus’
• Sync Cards to Microsoft Outlook via ‘ASTARICKS Add-in’
• Powerful Collection Mode & Presentation Mode
• & much more!


ASTARICKS Cards are a revolutionary new interactive, updatable and secure digital business card that contains detailed business contact information, business description, operating hours, pictures, logos, web links, social connectors, maps, directions & more.
ASTARICKS CARDS contain a lot more information than a regular business card & they’re updatable which means if an ASTARICKS Card is updated with new information such as a phone number or picture, everyone who has that particular ASTARICKS Card will receive the update, this means no out-of-date information!

ASTARICKS Cards provide many advantages over current business card systems.

ASTARICKS Business Cards are designed to promote businesses (& business people) in a professional & engaging way & to always display the business logo whilst giving users quick & easy access to business contact information, website, location & much more. ASTARICKS Cards can include 10 pictures with hyperlinks. ASTARICKS Cards can also contain product images, sales promotions, coupons & much more.


All ASTARICKS Cards have a unique ASTARICKS CODE and QR Code.

ASTARICKS Codes are not a graphic code, shape or image, they are number based codes that are very quick & easy to use. If you want to save an ASTARICKS Card you simply enter the ASTARICKS Code into the HOME keypad in the ASTARICKS Mobile app. It’s just like entering a phone number, in fact an ASTARICKS Code can include a phone number!


Simply enter any ASTARICKS Code into the HOME Keypad in the ASTARICKS app & hey presto the ASTARICKS Card will appear at your fingertips.

This app has a lot of high end features and can be downloaded for FREE.

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